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GR comprises a set of companies that operate in a complementary perspective allowing an optimization and rationalization of the resources required for their activities.

GR WIND marks the beginning of GR’s life course and is a national reference in the area of wind turbine element maintenance, with a solid track record in internationalization.

GR WIND optimizes wind turbine operation and contributes to clean-energy production efforts!

GR ACADEMY emerges to respond to the training and skills development needs felt by GR WIND to enable and prepare industrial maintenance technicians for the growing demands of the sector.
Training at GR ACADEMY enables the development and improvement of skills enhancing the technical, safety and environmental awareness qualities of the trainees.

GR ACADEMY guarantees the qualification of professionals with standards of excellence!

GR INDUSTRY was born from the opportunity, created by GR ACADEMY, to develop and adapt the innovative and disruptive work methods acquired by GR WIND to the industry.
It’s a solution that brings new skills and high standards of quality, rigor and safety to the industrial maintenance market.

GR INDUSTRY brings innovation and differentiation to industrial maintenance!

GR LAND embodies the GR group’s commitment to sustainable development, through its agricultural activity, in an organic production method. In this way, GR LAND actively contributes to reducing the ecological footprint of its corporate “ecosystem”.

GR LAND meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of the future generation!


Contribute to a more sustainable world, promoting efficiency in the different areas in which we develop.


Anticipate customer needs, respond in a timely and effective manner, creating value and allowing all stakeholders to benefit from the process.
Invest in the valuation of human resources and the most innovative technologies to achieve excellence in results and mission success.



Our goal is to be recognized for the quality and excellence of our services; we work to be leaders in the industry in which we operate.


We are flexible and agile to respond to our customers. We work to create value and optimize customer-centered operations.


We invest in overcoming our challenges, continuously improving our processes and developing innovative solutions.


We value the principles of sustainable development, with the aim of promoting the improvement of the quality of life for the current and future generations.







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